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Compactor & Rammers Hire

Compactor is used for improving or increasing the density of soil by a manual or mechanical method. It is employed to make the soil more stable and increase the bearing capacity of the soil layer on the construction site.

Purpose Of Different Types Of Soil Compaction Equipment:

Compaction helps to reduce the settlement, permeability, seepage, etc. During compaction, air is expelled from the void spaces in the soil mass which increases the density. Compaction generally increases the shear strength, bearing capacity and makes the soil more stable against the structure failure. A few reasons for compaction are given below:

  • To reduce subsequent settlement under working loads.
  • To increase the shear strength of the soil.
  • To reduce the voids ratio making it more difficult for water to flow through soil.
  • To prevent the buildup of large water pressures that cause soil to liquefy during earthquakes.

There are many different types of compactor equipment that are used on construction sites. When you are in need of heavy-duty equipment, you can rent Compactors and Rammers by contacting Gray’s Hire Narellan, NSW. Visit our online store or call at 1300 950 951 to rent compactors and rammers.

Rammer compactor is used for compacting small areas and providing impact load to the soil. This equipment is lightweight and can be hand or machine operated. You can also rent compactor and rammers in Sydney by visiting our online store. We provide a wide range of rammer for hire in Sydney.

Rammer is mainly used to compact the backfill in narrow trenches for water or gas supply pipes etc. Rammers are suitable for compacting cohesive soils as well as other soils. This machine is in areas with difficult in access.

We provide the best 450Kg Plate Compactor for Hire in Narellan, Sydney. It is types of soil compaction equipment, considered as entry-level and is mainly used for hardscapes or landscapes. Rent a compactor and rammers today.