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Tippers Hire

Tipper trucks normally carry bulk materials such as sand, gravel, grain, and even potatoes. They are usually loaded from overhead hoppers. At the destination, the back of the truck is tipped to discharge the load. Gray’s Hire supplies various tippers for hire in Sydney. Our Mini Excavators are the smallest and most compact track loaders with top performance delivery and excellent fuel efficiency.

The body of the truck is pivoted at the back. The job of a tipper truck is to lift and transport loose building materials such as asphalt, construction aggregate, dirt, grain, gravel, sand, snow and wood chips in bulk efficiently around a worksite. Tipper truck hire in Sydney is related to the hiring of trucks or vehicles.

Gray’s Hire provides you with the best tipper hire in Sydney. You can also contact us for more information, compare the quality services and prices. So, one can hire a tipper truck in Sydney according to their own budget and convenience.

As these are large and heavy vehicles, therefore are generally used at construction sites. Often it happens that the driver is not able to operate them. Sometimes they could not handle the heavy steering, and accidents happened. So, while hiring them make sure about the truck is equipped with all safety measures and take the services of those agents who employ the expert drivers to avoid the accidents.

Things To Inspect Before Using A Tipper Truck:

  • Check the hose which connects the cylinder with the hydraulic system
  • Check the quick release couplings
  • Check the brackets
  • Lubricate pivot points and tightening bolts that fix the brackets into place
  • Check the cylinder pressure – to find out what the pressure should be, look at the cylinder’s tight plate.
  • Check the oil levels in the hydraulic system – the level needs to be between the two gauges to ensure proper and full cylinder extension.

If you have any questions related to tipper hire Sydney, or tipper truck hire in Sydney, feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with free advice on the best solution that works for you.